Der Teaser für unsere neue Produktion SENSE OF WONDER ist draußen!
Schaut ihn euch gerne an (inkl. Audiodeskription!) und kommt zu unseren Shows auf Kampnagel Hamburg 24.05.-27.05.2023, um 20:30h.
Freuen uns euch zu sehen !

the teaser for our new production SENSE OF WONDER is out!
check it out (with AUdio Description!) and if you can, come to see the shows at Kampnagel Hamburg
24.05.-27.05.2023, at 20:30h.
see you there !

SPLAAASH goes Hellerau Dresden in the frame of Watch Out! Festival (March 9th, 2023)
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STAY TUNED - our new production SENSE OF WONDER is coming up! more infos soon!

© Daniel Dömölky

SHE LEGEND is invited to Hongkong!
Shows on April 14th and 15th 2023 at West Kowloon Center Hongkong in the frame of Freespace Dance Festival!
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© Daniel Dömölky

SHE LEGEND will be shown in Krefeld in the frame of MOVE! Festival

November 12th 2022
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© Daniel Dömölky

SHE LEGEND will be shown at the amazing SPECTRUM festival at Rathausplatz Villach

July 6th 2022
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© Daniel Dömölky

SHE LEGEND goes brut Wien in the frame of IMAGETANZ Festival

March 4th and 5th 2022

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SHE LEGEND Trailer – Rykena/Jüngst Tanzplattform HAU Berlin 2022
© Daniel Caetano & Natasha Vergilio

SHE LEGEND goes Tanzplattform!!!!

March 16th, 17th and 18th 2022 at HAU BERLIN

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© Jonas Fischer

FUTURE SHOCK - choreographic research by Rykena/Jüngst

currently we are researching at MUCCA Munich for our next production in the frame of Arbeitsstipendium Tanz Kulturreferat München



Online Panel on Artistic Audio Description in the frame of ROSE LA ROSE by Rykena/Jüngst at HochX Munich

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Hauptsache Frei #7 | She Legend

SHE LEGEND @ Hauptsache Frei Festival Hamburg

August 25, 2021 

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© Vera Drebusch

ROSE LA ROSE at HochX Munich
Premiere on July 24th 2021

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Hier kommt der Alt-Text rein.
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SHE LEGEND will be shown online during the OUTNOW Festival at Schwankhalle Bremen

May 21st 2021

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SHE LEGEND Trailer (2019/2020) © Martin Prinoth

HorchX #4: Was Wrestling mit Ballett zu tun hat.
LISTEN TO THE PODCAST - HorchX with Carolin Jüngst & Lisa Rykena

Physical Introduction zu Rykena/Jüngst: SHE LEGEND

© Daniel Dömölky

SHE LEGEND Announcement Hamburg & Munich

© Martin Prinoth

SHE LEGEND / Hamburg premiere Dec 4th 2019 @ Kampnagel Hamburg / Munich premiere July 16th 2020 @ Hoch X München

OH ... SPLAAAASH! / Workshop 21. September 2019 - K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, Kampnagel

Arie/Elle – Wiederaufnahme 22. September 2018 im Rahmen von “WePresent” – Lichthof Theater Hamburg

Arie/Elle – Premiere 22. Juni 2018 auf K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg

Mash Up / Workshop 26. April 2018 - hauptsache Frei Festival, Kampnagel/K3

MurMur – Premiere 23. Juni 2017 auf Kampnagel / im Rahmen der Abschlussarbeiten MA Performance Studies